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Lee Lab: Understanding Signal Transduction in hematopoiesis and neurogenesis


Lee, A. W., Phillips A., Do, P. and States D. J. (2011) "Quantitative proteomics of myeloid cells reveal upregulation of the Fc receptor and integrin pathways in a mouse ovarian cancer model". Cancer Res. 71:5119, 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, Orlando, Florida. Abstract ranked in the top 2% of poster presentations abstract

States, D. J., Phillips A., Poudel S., Do, P. and Lee, A. W. (2011) "Quantitative proteomics reveal functional responses of splenic myeloid cells in an immunocompetent mouse model for ovarian cancer". 7th Annual Meeting of the US HUPO, Raleigh, NC.












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