To:       YingweiMao (, Cindy Rohde (, Bhumit Patel (, Aaron Robida


From:  Angel Lee (

Re:       Labmeeting for the SUMMER

Date:    June23, 2004



Here is the SUMMer Lab meeting schedule. For this academic year, labmeetings are held every Monday, 3pm to 5pm in the Pharmacology Library on thesecond floor of MSRB 3 (right next to Rick Neubig’s lab).

We have three different types of presentations at our lab meeting:

(1) Formal data presentation

(2) Informal data sessions

(3) Journal club

(1) Formal Data Presentation:

Each presenter should plan on a 40 min presentation with 15 min fordiscussion. Your talk should address the following:


(1)  what is the goal?

(2)  What is thebackground evidence that supports the research project (either data from ourlab or from the literature).


(1)  What has beenaccomplished to date ? How do your results fit in with the big picture?

(2)  What are some ofthe problems encountered.

(2) Informal data sessions

(David’s lab members are welcome to attend if sodesired).

Both Cindy and Yingwei will discuss their work inprogress in an informal setting (bring notebooks).  These will be similar to our Friday afternoon sessions.

(3) Journal club:

Journal club presentations - email the pdf of the paper to everyone inthe group by the preceding Wednesday, Friday at the latest. Papers that areappropriate for discussion- topics relevant to your project which you think thegroup will benefit from.  Pleasepick papers published within the past 1-2 years.

Journal club format:

(1) introduction to the topic- background, evidence leading to theproposed studies

(2) discussion of key experiments - make sure you know how theexperiment was performed and how you would interpret the results

(3) significance of the findings and how you would do differently.



Type of meeting


July 5

No meeting, July 4th holiday


July 12

Data session


July 19

Journal club

C. Rohde

July 26

Data session


August 2

Journal club

A. Robida

August 9

Data session


August 16

Journal Club

Y. Mao

August 23

Data session


August 30

No meeting, Angel out of town