Project Goal: To usegene expression microarrays in the analysis of cell growth and survival
Joint Project with the States Lab (Investigators: David States and Angel Lee)

Genes induced by CSF-1

Genes repressed by CSF-1

WT: 32D myeloid cell line expressingWT-CSF-1R

DKI (dki): 32D myeloid cell line expressing DKI-CSF-1R mutant with the kinase insert deleted

p110*(p110): DKI cell line co-expressing a constitutively activePI3-kinase

Eachpanel shows the number of genes consistently induced or repressed following 16hrs. of CSF-1 treatment. Experiments were performed in triplicate and gene expression levels wereassayed using Affymetrix microarray technology.

Current goal is toidentify the genes which are induced/repressed in WT cells, not in DKI cells and restored by expression ofconstitutively active PI3-kinase. We are hopeful that this paradigm will allow us to identify new genesregulated by the PI3-kinase pathway in growth factor signaling.

Src kinases